Dear Baby Boy,

posted on: Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hello little baby Green,

February will always remind me of when I became a little boy's mama - yours! I was always your mama since the moment last November when the plus sign showed up on the pregnancy test, but now it's a little more real knowing what you are  ;)

One of life's great mysteries revealed!
I can imagine you a little better now. Honestly little bean, I thought you were a girl from the start! So when the sonogram technician found your parts almost immediately, I was in awe looking at what could only be a little boy.

Your dad and I are THRILLED. No matter what you are or who you decide to be, I am blessed that I am getting to grow you and be your mama. You've made me appreciate my body in a new way. Each week there is a change.  You do make me tired, but you also make me feel very alive.  When you move, I am reminded that there is an untold story being written every second as you grow.

We told each of your grandparents over Skype by throwing blue confetti, so we got to celebrate twice and it was precious each time. They are so excited - and for the record all of them guessed you were a boy! You are our family's first mid-summer baby.

Even while I'm working on other things, you're always in my mind. I always notice when you move, and when you don't. Pretty soon you'll start sleeping 12-14 hours a day in my tummy. Enjoy the space in there while you can son, because you're growing by the day!

The other night your dad felt you kick for the first time! It was two big bumps in row, plain as day. I can tell you are strong.  I pray you carry your strength across your life in how you treat others, how you love, and in being strong in the decisions you make.

I love you little one,

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