posted on: Sunday, November 30, 2014

cooking, crafting, resting. i am at last regaining a sense of self with graduate school and wedding planning out of the way (as much fun as it was). this is such a renewing time, especially with christmas so imminent.
p.s. never been so excited about the holidays right around the corner, getting our first real tree next weekend :)

 Tortilla Espana. Simple goodness and ALOT of olive oil.
 Beets and olives.
 Pit stop at Primanti's for fries.
 Endless and beautiful snow last week.
 This is some of our favorite soap, especially the "sunshine" scent
 Cody's 26th birthday dinner right before TG. We had pumpkin soup and I created this masterful pig cake with whatever I could find :D
 The living room is finally together. Can't wait to post home pics to the Little House Section soon!
 Cody's other love. Pumpkin pie.
 Bikers in the park in the night, just cool.

 Getting started on some simple tree crafts.
 Turkey sopa with leftover dark meat. The flavor goes thru the roof with cheese and green chiles.

A mantle of love! The cutest wedding cards, and the beginning of our Xmas decor stock pile.

the first thanksgiving

posted on: Friday, November 28, 2014

we spent our first married thanksgiving home alone, and it was delightful. i am a thankful woman this year. thankful for my new husband who is also an old friend; thankful for a beautiful wedding that happened only three weeks ago (!); and thankful to have family to shoot a few well-meant texts.

by making a full thanksgiving dinner for the two of us (my favorite holiday meal) we've ensured ourselves roughly a week and half of leftovers and all the delicious side recipes that come along with a large, roasted turkey on hand.

at the crack of dawn, i rolled out of bed and slapped the turkey on the  counter to acclimatize to room temperature, and then promptly returned to bed. when we arose a few hours later we got to work and turned a pile of trader joe's groceries into cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, turnip and sweet potato au gratin (another of my favorites) and a hefty box of cornbread stuffing.

i found our meal's color pallet to be strong and rich, and truly enjoyed having a kitchen of wedding presents that made the meal a success.

no, we aren't always out-of-the-box dinner makers, but this thanksgiving, we wanted to rest and after all, it was just us :)

we watched snow fall on our porch and had a few sips of cider and gin, and just enjoyed the life we've been blessed with.

the day ended with renting Les Miserables on Amazon, Cody's idea. In a world of injustices and those who die every day dreaming of a better life for their children, it was a powerful way to end our first thanksgiving.

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