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this blog holds the story of us. we are ann-claire and cody, and were just married on november 8, 2014. the title "meant green" captures our attempt to live holistically, sustainably and well - and is also our last name ;)

for us, this is life beginning again as a new family - and we intend to live it with gusto! you'll find stories and tips about what we experience determined to live sustainably, travel, save money, and honor our pledge to love one another for the rest of our lives. 

More specifically:

around three years ago we moved together from Texas to Pennsylvania. one wedding and two masters degrees later in cello performance and sustainability, we find ourselves looking to make it in what we believe in. we are over 1,000 miles from everything that was home, but we're game to grow where we're planted and mean to make the most of it. 

he is a professional cellist. reader. baker. 

i have a background in sustainability, museum studies, art - and cello, (that's how c and i met) and work as content creator focused on sustainability in tech and business, and NPOs. 

i also LOVE styling. rooms, homes, holidays, clothes -  i have an eye for design, focusing on a blend of classic and bohemian with a passion for the environment mixed in that i try to honor as much as i can. you'll find a lot of my successes and failures here.

we believe in the love of Jesus Christ as the the most important cornerstone of our lives and try to live out a philosophy of love for his people and the world He created for all things.

by Loft Photographie


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