The Creative Closet: Boho Babe

posted on: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Welcome to my first style collaboration!

Last month I jumped on the opportunity to sign up and co-host Boho Babe with Life Could Be A Dream and The Modern Tulip when the chance came around. "Boho-classic" has always been my go-to style, even for my home! Which is why I wanted to host and share my style tips on this edition of The Creative Closet.

Here are our main hosts' boho interpretations for this week! I adore how well they each brought together looks that are very wearable. I wish I could be brave enough to throw a hat into some of my own outfits like Jana, and I love the shorter black outfit paired with the long white kimono and camel accents that Maegen created. It's all 'bout the textures!

Boho can get a little Coachella-y pretty fast for my taste, and my practical self needs things that I can wear into the office and also to go out at night. I'm about comfort and wearability, and I've found that keeping all of my clothing pieces in this vein let's me mix and match easily.

The other part of the boho equation is...texture! The skirt in these photos is gently pleated, and the top brings a soft and elegant vibe using toned-down lace and point d'esprit detailing.

Jewelry-wise I go for a minimal look, and the pieces here each have significance to me. The earrings are super-light wood with a hand-painted detail from a local craft fair, the bracelet is a carved East Asian-inspired piece from my mama's jewelry box, and the ring features Sagittarius, my husband's astrological symbol.

Hair, ugh. Hair is always tough for me. I only learned to braid a few years ago, and my crown of braids in these images is one of my most "intricate" styles in my toolbox. I've even used it for job interviews!

For me, the bohemian spirit is being comfortable in my skin. It's recognizing and staying true to who I am in each season, having the courage to grow and adapt as life demands, and holding to my values as I come to understand what they are. A quiet, self-confidence and kindness is the keystone for the whole structure. 
Photos by Cody Green.

Where it's from:
Skirt: Target, new | Shoes: Chinese Laundry, old | Top: TJMaxx, old | Jewelry: craft fair, family | Belt: Gap, old

 What does a bohemian spirit look and feel like to you?

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