Away we go!

posted on: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When we moved to Pittsburgh in 2012 for school, we both thought we'd probably be here just until we were finished, feeling that our journey would ultimately take us somewhere else. Three and a half years later, we are moving back to Texas! 

When we found out about our baby last fall, we both felt a strong pull to be closer to home and family for awhile.

We are thrilled to be headed back to our stomping grounds, as much as we'll miss the Pittsburgh family we have created over the last 3.5 years in the Rust Belt. We have experienced so much and grown up a lot here in the rolling Appalachians. We traveled, learned, made wonderful new friends, got engaged and married, worked, and found out we were going to be parents. The one caveat - we definitely won't miss the long winters : / 

Cody begins work in Houston in June at an IT company (still doing music on the side!), and little boy joins our world sometime in mid-July - a Texan just like his daddy, most of his grandparents and a lot of his extended family <3

Between now and then, we have about 10 weeks to ship our things 1,300 miles, move two cars and a cat, find an apartment, a new birth center, and get a few baby classes under our belts. But hey, no sweat! One of our favorite quotes from a great mutual friend as he reflected on the circumstances his own first child was born into is: "it's never convenient." While this probably isn't the most convenient move for a nearly 30 weeks pregnant gal, it's definitely exciting! 

I've spent some time going through phone pictures, gathering the last few years into perspective. These are favorite memories both big and small, of the world we experienced in Pittsburgh.

We visited Ohiopyle State Park every year, usually in a different season every time.
Won't miss slipping on ice 5 months out of the year! 
Falling Water trips
Our summer work in the USVI in July-August 2013, where we got engaged!
Finding Christmas trees each year in the beautiful PA hills
We never got to ski, but we made up with tubing

We went back to Texas for engagement pics in New Braunfels 
Graduate thesis project complete!
Sustainability and Music Masters Degrees under our belts, May 2014!
Hiking in the Laurel Highlands

Wedding in November, 2014 <3
Mexico honeymoon 
Pittsburgh date nights 
Always practicing and teaching!
Fishing with our PA buddies
Pirates games
More hiking!
Pumpkin picking
The big announcement in January 2016, we found out he is a boy in February - the whole time we thought the baby would be a girl!
How we look these days!

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