Mama learnin'

posted on: Saturday, November 5, 2016

I feel like a new person now that Ira's first three months are gone. He is blossoming by the day into himself, and it is awe-inspiring to witness. Life is amazing.

A few things I've learned about being a mama:

1. It's true about putting them down BEFORE they get over-tired and overstimulated. Earlier, Ira would get so fussy between 7-9 each night. I blamed growth-spurts or hunger, but he was just ready to go to bed!

2. Routine. I do not do much by a schedule, ever. I just started working on a bedtime routine with Ira since I moved him from his basket and swaddle in our room, to his crib down the hall with his sleep sack to stay warm (I don't put blankets/pillows in with him). He has taken to it better than I could've hoped - he was ready to stretch out! Around 7:30-8 p.m., we bathe him, rock him, feed and put him in his crib.

He also takes a morning and afternoon nap, either on the go or in his crib, no matter where it happens, I'm now able to see it coming.

Just implementing a little more structure has helped all of us feel more organized with our days and able to enjoy each new milestone with Ira even more.

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