Sustainable gift guide!

posted on: Saturday, December 10, 2016

I'm feeling pretty merry by getting this post out before the end of the holidays with a four-month-old in my life. 

If you're trying to live by your sustainability standards (or want to get some) during the season of giving, this post is for you. The pieces I've curated here are from some of my favorite online stores that know what they're doing in regards to sustainable products. Largely produced by the artisan entrepreneur community around the world and in the US, they are sold through businesses that value people, planet, and profit, and most gifts are under $50.

They are also what I would pick if you handed me some of your money and begged me to do your gift shopping.

Personally, my favorite gift in the entire world is a gift card (or food). The act of perusing the world of things and experiences and finding just what I need, designed how I like it is so. nice. But sharing a list of gift cards wouldn't be as pretty, ya'll.

So, besides being beautiful/useful, what makes these things sustainable? It's all in the supply chain! For the most part, they each meet the following:

+ produced by fair trade labor with living wages
+ made with renewable, healthy materials in healthy conditions for workers/artists

On top of that, I have my own criteria:

+ Doesn't take up space (small/foldable)
+ Can be used up, or used for a long time
+ Doesn't scream "I'm sustainable" from first glance - the crunchy or ethnic look does not suit everyone.

Cheers to slower shopping this holiday!
Rodales - Nubby Fingerless Gloves 
Rodales-This gorgeous mug is made in Ohio 

Mata Traders - brass cuff 
Made fair - wool blanket

Bambeco - beard oil for the men folk. You all know someone who's got a beard right now.
Bambeco - pomegranate and spruce candles (ahhh)

Bohem - tea towel

Bohem - beautifully illustrated/funky story for kids about the food chain...
Bambeco - olive wood spoon - wishing I had this for meal prep.
Bambeco-Hanging Nest Aerium
Rodales-I've actually eaten this, GOOD STUFF! Eat alone or turn into hot chocolate.
Rodales - Who would't want a pretty whisk? I know I would! (Plus it's dishwasher friendly)
Rodales- One item for cheek and lip, I'm in!
Three Cords Haiti- This can be a headband or necklace. The company employs Haitians with disabilities, as well as at-risk women. I have one in white, and it goes with everything.
Three Cords Haiti - This can be a clutch or makeup bag

Raven + Lily - journal

Noonday Collection - Infinity Scarf

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