Why blog?

"meant green" is a play on words combing our last name, and coming at something with intent, and imparting meaning into what you do. for us, that's living holistically and in the moment. 

as a new family we find a whole new world of challenges - and miracles - that come with the territory. it's a dynamic journey navigating this world with our dreams in open hands, and this is where we come back to and tie everything together again, reconnect and grow (and try to get at least one post a week in!)

this blog is a window where we share our journey, and bring sustainable lifestyle bits and pieces into focus, whether that's home design, fashion, faith, travel or food. i also know much more will end up rolling across this screen in the days ahead that i can't predict here. honestly, who really has control?

it's a wide world out there, and we'll never share more than we feel is safe or necessary, but we hope our friends and family below southern divide get an idea of who we're becoming as Mr. and Mrs. 

all pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

p.s. this is a place of vulnerability and humanity. any internet troll comments will be terminated. 


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